Welcome to the New Metal Console!
Woot woot — a new version of the Metal console rolls out today. As we mentioned in a recent blog post, this is more than a fresh coat of paint: thanks to an entirely new codebase, you should see some significant boosts in performance in addition to improved usability.
If you encounter any bugs that stop you from doing your work (or are just plain annoying!), please drop a note in our live chat bubble and we’ll get our team right on it.
As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on what’s good, bad, and otherwise. We have a Canny category for Metal Console feedback ideas, on our Community Slack, and you can reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns to support@equinixmetal.com.
Let’s fly!
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Talos is Live as an official OS!
Have you heard of Talos? It's Linux designed for Kubernetes – secure, immutable, and minimal. Things we love:
  • All system management is done via an API. No SSH, shell, or console!
  • Supports some of the most significant Kubernetes clusters in the world.
  • Open source project from the fantastic team at Sidero Labs.
Since we love Talos and love Linux, we made it available as an official OS, deployable across all of our latest and greatest hardware. Don't believe us? Here's a picture!
NixOS 22.05 Released
Our friends at Determinate Systems help us keep the NixOS train running on time, or at least pretty darn close!
Today we rolled out support for NixOS 22.05 (“Quokka”), which includes a variety of improvements that you can find on the NixOS changelog.
SR-IOV enabled by default on n3.xlarge servers
The single root I/O virtualization (SR-IOV) interface has been around for a long time, but in order to take advantage of it on Equinix Metal servers, you previously had to jump through some hoops (usually with a reserved instance). Sorry about that!
As of today, we've enabled SR-IOV on all of the n3.xlarge servers in our fleet.
Alpine Linux 3.15 is now an Official OS
We've been fans, supporters, and users of Alpine Linux for a long time. As their tagline proudly declares, it's small, simple, and secure. What's not to love?
That's why it's especially exciting to add Alpine Linux 3.15 to our list of official operating systems. You'll find it available via our portal and API for our most popular Gen2 and Gen3 hardware platforms. A special thanks to Carlo Landmeter and the Alpine Linux team for partnering with us to make this happen.
If you want to know what's cool about 3.15, check out this 9to5linux article for a run down.
Zoom zoom!
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Ubuntu 22.04 Released
It's always fun to have the latest shiny make an appearance on the Equinix Metal platform. Today it is Ubuntu 22.04, an LTS release with a great name (Jammy Jellyfish) which is available to deploy on-demand for our Gen2 and Gen3 configs.
Lots of goodies in this release including:
  • Better support for confidential computing
  • Optimizations for Arm Neoverse-based platforms like our Ampere c3.large.arm64
  • Full desktop support for Raspberry Pi!
  • Readily available NVIDIA GPU drivers
  • Linux kernel version 5.15
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Windows Server 2022
We're pleased to announce that Windows Server 2022 is now available as an official operating system for our Gen3 hardware (as well as a few special Gen2 configs).
Aside from the usual list of improvements, the 2022 variant is especially interesting if you're looking at Azure Arc and related hybrid cloud management tools from Microsoft.
Of course, this release is perfectly timed with Kinvolk/Flatcar's well-played April Fool's announcement.
Have a great weekend!
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Together at Last: Equinix Terraform Provider v1.5.0
Hear ye, hear ye! If you're a Terraform user, you'll be pleased as punch to know that the latest Equinix Terraform Provider (v1.5.0) brings together support for Equinix Metal, Equinix Fabric, and Network Edge in one place.
If you're using the Equinix Metal provider, we've made a handy little migration tool to help you migrate with ease. And if you're stuck on our old Packet provider, we've got you covered there as well! Here are some quick links to help you out - as always, ping us with issues / questions / improvement requests!
  • Equinix provider docs here
  • Migrating to use Metros instead of Facilities here
  • Migrating from the Equinix Metal provider here
  • Migrating from the Packet provider here
  • Full changelog here
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Cloud Provider Equinix Metal (CPEM) v3.4.0
We've shipped a major release of the Kubernetes Cloud Provider Equinix Metal (CPEM). Check out all the goodness below!
Here's what is new in our 3.4.0 release:
  • Full support for Kubernetes 1.23;
  • Adoption of the full cloud-provider API, including InstancesV2 and LoadBalancers;
  • Updates to many upstream dependencies, including core latest cloud-provider version;
  • Full support for Equinix Metal metro and facility
  • Elimination of dependency on metadata service
  • Logging improvements: much cleaner and saner, removing much of the complexity that existed before and confused users; extra checks to keep confidential data out of logs
  • Support for metallb source IP, eliminating the need for adding routes to use private IPs, which was a major headache
  • Complete refactor of control plane Elastic IP handling, providing much more reliable handling, options for how to check health, and better support for Cluster API for Equinix Metal
Also, we didn't forget about improvements to docs and such:
  • Proper reporting of versions and program name in output (makes it easy to see what is being used)
  • Complete refactor of the test and release workflows (for more reliable and faster results)
  • Clear documentation of end-to-end test requirements (preparing for automated end-to-end tests)
Debian 10 & 11 - Party Time!
Today we've released Debian 11 "bullseye" across all of our Gen2 and Gen3 configs, including both x86 and arm64 options. We've also released full support for Debian 10 "buster" for good measure!
In honor of the Winter Olympics, this only seemed appropriate. Looks like Debian's logo, no?
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