We are continuing to invest in making the experience of connecting your workloads, deployed on Equinix Metal, as seamless as possible. In doing so, we’re bringing our Fabric and Metal services closer together in a way that we hope will be exciting for our customers.
While building the groundwork for this experience, we're changing the behavior of the Metal API. Starting February 29th, 2024 you will have to specify your VLANs during the creation of new Virtual Connections, and you will no longer be able to make updates to the VLANs once the Virtual Connection is created.
Please take a moment to review any automation you may have around Interconnections to make sure you’re specifying a VLAN (or 2 for redundant connections) during creation. After reviewing our platform telemetry, we do know that almost every Virtual Connection being created today has a VLAN associated to it, so chances are good this change does not impact you.
If you have any questions, hit us up via the chat bubble or support@equinixmetal.com.