New Kill Bill Billing Engine Live
As you may have read in this recent blog post by Pierre-Alexandre Meyer, we're hard at work building a next-generation billing platform to power Equinix Metal.
Billing systems aren't the reason you choose an infrastructure provider, but they form the basis of the entire commercial experience, especially in usage-based models. With full credit to Twilio's CEO Jeff Lawson, that's why you "build" instead of "buy" and why we've invested in Kill Bill (an open source project whose maintainers work at Equinix) to help us get there.
What's it mean to you?
Starting with the October billing run we've moved a portion of our customers to this new system, with the final transition in early 2022. If you're on the new system here's what you can expect;
  • Instead of receiving multiple invoices (one for each of your projects) listing all individual line items, you will receive one simplified, consolidated invoice.
  • This new invoice will present your services based on their subscription type (Usage, Committed, and One-Time fees).
To support the next stage of our growth, we've also introduced a more powerful "Billing Account" structure under the hood (more on that in the near future). We'll expose this once our transition is complete to help make managing your subscriptions and analyzing monthly billing easier and more powerful.
Any questions? Please reach out and we'll be happy to assist!