EVE-OS leverages Alpine Linux, therefore support for Alpine is desired too. (https://github.com/lf-edge/eve#readme)
EVE-OS however adds another layer of security plus remote management. It requires an "EVE Controller". Using the open source (OpenEVC) or commercial EVE controller (ZEDCloud service: see https://zededa.com), a sysadmin can specify sw to be installed and run on top of EVE-OS. This secure command capability from anywhere further supports multi-tenant apps (on one Metal box) that by default are fully isolated from each other. It can also run K3s clusters. The ability to install EVE-OS already works: https://github.com/lf-edge/eve/blob/master/docs/DEPLOYMENT.md
But if it could be done using an "easy button" approach (to fetch the latest iPXE cfg file to do the installation from GitHub), that would be even better. Also there's room for improvement for the EVE-OS onboarding key or cert that is needed by an EVE Controller. We can help brainstorm how to do that best.