When I log into the portal, I’d like to see an overview of my default project with servers, events, custom userstate messages, traffic, billing, recent logins, etc highlighted. I should also have the option to change my default from the overview to the server view.
I’d especially like to see the Project description as the leading text of this view. The rendering should be aware of Markdown formatting.
The current portal does not expose the project description field and the new portal tucks the field away in the Project details view.
I’d like to make this view front-and-center - “Welcome to your project, here’s what you need to know”. I would control the description text and use it to inform my users and peers about the project ("We're performing CI/CD updates to this project on 11/22/22"). The project description could also be defined through automation and in that scenario could be populated with environment-specific details ("Welcome to your demo K8s environment. Copy your Kubeconfig from below").
One other use case could come from project description updates sent by controllers within the project ("Device-123 appears to be experiencing disk failures."). While this is no substitute for proper monitoring, creating at-a-glance messages on the project dashboard/overview could save time and ease collaborative use cases.
The description field exists today and can be used in automation. I'd really like to see it displayed more prominently in the portal.