Time for some juicy Arm goodness - thanks Ampere!
Today we're happy to announce our latest Arm-based server (the c3.large.arm) which is based on Ampere's 80-core Altra processor. Want a closeup? Here's a picture!
We've worked with a long line of Arm machines over the years...from the original 96-core Cavium ThunderX and the follow-up ThunderX2, to the Qualcomm Centriq, various boxes from Huawei, and more recently the Ampere eMag.
Suffice it to say that we've come a long way and the c3.large.arm stands heads and shoulders above previous generations. Altra was custom designed by Ampere for cloud-native workloads, which translates into lots of scale and consistency. Here are two stats to help you see what we mean:
  • 80 physical cores in a single socket design.
  • Consistent scaling at 2.8 GHz per core. Run 'em all full out!
Our c3.large.arm is available today in Dallas and Washington DC, with more sites and inventory coming soon. Enjoy!