We love Sweden, and we love adding to our global Metal footprint. With only a few weeks left in this "open up a bunch of new metros" year, we're crossing Stockholm off the list today.
As you might expect, we'll celebrate the launch of SK with something cozy, like waffles with our own team-made Maple syrup. Or maybe we'll follow the NYTimes, who has us covered with their recent "36 hours in Stockholm" bit.
Here's what you should know about our Stockholm metro:
  • It's our 2nd metro in the Nordics, following Helsinki last month
  • Fun fact, Stockholm to Helsinki is a ~7ms round trip. DR anyone?
  • SK is our 7th metro in Europe. Watch out Americas!
  • We have plenty of m3.small + n3.xlarge inventory available on demand
  • Grab any of our configs, including Workload Optimized, via reservation