Login Changes Coming to Equinix Metal
To help unify the login experience across all Equinix portals, we're implementing Auth0 as our authentication backend.
Starting on December 9th, you may notice changes to the Equinix Metal console login. We'll be phasing this rollout, so it could take us a few weeks to get to your account.
Anything I should be aware of?
When your account is transitioned, you'll notice one main change: when asked for your email address and password, the URL will be https://auth.equinix.com. If you use a password manager, it may warn you about the URL change. This is expected behavior and not a phishing attack.
I use the API and/or an integration (e.g. Terraform). Any changes?
No, you can continue to use existing API keys without any adjustment.
Anything else I need to do?
Your login credentials will remain the same with the same email address and same password. If you use multi-factor authentication (MFA), you can continue to use your regular SMS or application-based authentication with the same MFA code.
However, you will need to generate a new recovery code. Please see our documentation or reach out if you have questions.