Many cloud infrastructure and BMaaS related software stacks are either dependent or feature-tied to accessing the in-chassis lifecycle controller (iDRAC, iLO, IPMI etc) of a Bare Metal server via raw, local network access IPMI.
Equinix Metal protects IPMI access to the lifecycle controllers by design, making them inaccessible to customer software that would expect direct privileged access. An abstraction or translation endpoint (or other tool / path that achieves the same end) that could act as a plug-n-play endpoint for lifecycle control IPMI access and orchestration would allow customers running those "IPMI dependent stacks" to bring that infrastructure to Equinix Metal without these potentially substantial operational burden of re-packaging or re-writing those complicated software stacks.
The most common assumed uses of ipmi against a life cycle controller are the following:
ipmitool -H $HOST -I lanplus chassis power on
ipmitool -H $HOST -I lanplus chassis power off
ipmitool -H $HOST -I lanplus chassis power status
ipmitool -H $HOST -I lanplus chassis bootdev $VAR